What is GamePlan30?
  GamePlan30 is a digital food and workout log that makes fitness and nutrition tracking easy and fun. Compete with friends and family in our 10-day challenges that launch on the first monday of every month!
How does it work?
  With Gameplan30's mobile app you check-in your workouts and meals. Your check-ins are scored and shared with the community. You'll be motivated as your name moves up the leaderboard and held accountable as the community fav's and comments on your check-ins.
Will I need to keep a written food log?
  No! The mobile app will keep a digital food log of all the foods you eat. All you need to do is simply take a pic!
How much does the GamePlan30 cost?
  It's free!
What can I expect for results?
  Results vary but most people lose around 10% of their weight in fat. So if you weight 150lbs on average you'll lose 15lbs of fat over the course of the challenge! We get feedback all time that says "I lost 15 lbs and feel great!"
How is the GamePlan30 a "game"?
  You receive points for watching videos and taking meal pictures. The more healthy your meal the more points you will receive. Your points are then posted to a leaderboard and a "winner" will be named at the end of the challenge. But here's the cool thing. After you complete the 30 day challenge you will look and feel great so think of winning on the leaderboard as an added bonus!
Do I need a smartphone to participate in the challenge?
  Yes if you want to use the mobile app you will need iPhone or Andriod device.
Is eating sugary processed foods really that big of a deal?
  You'll know the answer inside and out by the end of 30 days! But to answer the question...yes it is a big deal. Over consumption of sugary processed foods has resulted in a diabetes epidemic and is causing our bodies to store fat for up to 20 hours per day!